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Our Advisory services team presents valuable insights into how groups can develop and increase their shareholder value. Corporate Finance and Transaction services guide clients through all levels of a transaction, from corporate approach to post-merger integration. Company recovery assists underperforming businesses in turnaround conditions and in rebuilding stakeholder confidence, whilst Forensic assists in protecting the reputation and integrity of our clients’ enterprise.

The Regulatory Advisory practice offers clients an ample variety of advisory and compliance associated services, for the various concerns they face. The firm is continuously growing new outlets whilst seeking out new efficiencies in core disciplines, securing boom for its customers, and supporting them gain their aspirations.

Our approach seeks to identify key business issues through a rigorous and tailored risk and business analysis process. The objective is to create value from the transaction advisory process rather than simply confirming what may already be known. Our hands-on approach supports our clients through every step of the transaction process from initial investigation through to completion. Prior experience of business sectors is crucial to understanding a target’s business and providing relevant advice that takes account of industry specific issues. Our staff possess a wealth of experience and exposure to various industry sectors.

We help business grow, through the following Advisory services:



Corporate Finance :

Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies

Our services include conducting feasibility studies and due diligence exercises for various prospective and existing initiatives undertaken by Public and Private sector clients, including public-private partnerships, development or sale of land, closure of an entity / department, or the restructuring of a function / department.

The aim of the feasibility studies, value for money assignments and due diligence is generally to determine strategic and operational benefits to our clients, identify methods of financing, establish value for money, and determine the impact of the initiatives in terms of budgets.

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Business Plans

Our Group offers a broad range of services including the preparation of business plan and valuation in the Public and Private sectors. These services are available for clients of all sizes and industries and focus on the core competencies of quantitative excellence, rigorous research and extensive business experience of our staff. Our Business Plan service is designed to ease the challenging workload of entrepreneurs.

It is a quick and efficient way to obtain a professional’s opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of any business. Our expert staff will ensure that our client's industry is professionally researched and documented without wasting valuable time of it’s client’s management team.

Our Data Analysis and Modeling allows for data to be mined, tasks streamlined and knowledge uncovered.

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More Advisory Services

Corporate Finance Services

Performance Audits and Assessments

Our Group is well equipped to provide our clients with performance audits and assessments through our dedicated and experienced audit and consulting staff and systems.

Performance audit objectives are what the audit is intended to accomplish. They identify the audit subject matter and performance aspects to be included, and may also include the potential findings and reporting elements that the auditors expect to develop. Performance audit objectives can be thought of as questions about the program that the auditors seek to answer based on evidence obtained and assessed against criteria. Performance audit objectives vary widely and include assessments of program effectiveness, economy, and efficiency; internal control; compliance; and prospective analyses.

Criteria represent the laws, regulations, contracts, grant agreements, standards, specific requirements, measures, expected performance, defined business practices, and benchmarks against which performance is compared or evaluated.

The aim of a performance audit is to evaluate the measures undertaken by management, or identify the lack thereof, and ensure that the resources have been acquired economically and are utilized effectively and efficiently. The performance audit is therefore vital to any organization, as it encompasses the monitoring and evaluating of resources and can reduce the risk of organization failure.

Procurement and Contract Management

The best planning and budgeting systems rendered are not ineffective, if accompanying procurement systems do not yield the goods, works, and services that are necessary to achieve the activities and outcomes envisioned in the budget. Governments around the world are recognizing that an efficient and effective public sector procurement process is a priority for ensuring good governance. Our skilled and multinational Team is experienced in providing assistance throughout the procurement cycle, from establishing overall procurement policy frameworks to delivering transaction specific guidance and advice. Third-party monitoring and review of procurement systems and specific procurement actions are also services that we frequently provide.

A core aspect included in this full procurement cycle capability is the ability to serve as a Procurement Agent executing the process of acquisition, which includes: procurement strategy development; conducting market research; marketing procurement opportunities; development of procurement documents; managing documents flow, including the secure receipt and safeguarding of key documents and proposals; managing and documenting the evaluation and award process; assessing bidder capacity and past performance; and providing the full range of contract management requirements, including review of adherence to contract requirements, review of financial invoices, assistance with contract changes, and final contract close-out.

Internal Audit and Risk Management

An effective system of internal control provides management with certain levels of comfort in terms of achieving the organization's objectives.

Organizations need to create and implement internal controls that safeguard organization assets, including those that protect data and IT systems, ensure compliance with operating procedures and reduce financial errors and fraud risks.

Furthermore, as many organizations are now required by regulatory agencies to have an internal audit function, an important consideration is whether to “outsource” or “co-source” their internal audit needs.

Whilst management is responsible for the establishment of effective systems of internal control, our experts provide valuable guidance in this regard. With our team of Certified Internal Auditors, we are able to provide you with an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve your operations.

Forensic and Investigative Services

We have assembled a professional team of leading forensic and investigative specialists. Coupled with cutting edge detection tools and approaches we are able to review all potential components of our client’s organization in order to implement an effective policy that will reduce risks. Should any organization be the unfortunate victim of white collar crime, it is essential to have immediate access to experienced forensic auditing and investigative specialists in order to quickly implement response plans that will minimize losses and increase recovery prospects.

Our services include:

•Investigation of financial irregularities, including unauthorized expenditure, irregular expenditure and fruitless & wasteful expenditure
•Supply chain management review, training and compliance testing
•SMS mentoring program
•Expert testimony in PFMA related matters
•Collection and safeguarding of evidence
•Tracing witnesses and suspects
•Compiling affidavits and taking statements
•Interviewing and questioning witnesses and suspects
•Facilitating expert document examinations
•Verifying witness testimony
•Preparing comprehensive financial profiles on individuals and companies
•Asset tracing & recovery
•Money laundering investigations