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Capacity Development:

One of the greatest challenges for organizations is to sustain the performance improvement following a change initiative. We assist organizations to improve service delivery by preparing organizational designs and sourcing strategies. This may involve conducting workforce studies, business process innovation, developing policies and procedures to optimize organizational efficiency and preparing job statements and human resource strategies. We also focus on building centers of excellence for knowledge transfer and capability development through training, training of client trainers and specialized coach development programs.

Capacity development objective: The review supports the funding agency and government to identify strengths and weaknesses in the Implementing Partner’s capacity for financial management and areas for capacity development by government and others.

Financial management objective: The review assists in the establishment of appropriate cash transfer modalities, procedures, and assurance activities to be applied by the funding agency.

Financial Audits:

A broad description of the program management arrangements between the funding agency, the Implementing Partner and other relevant Government authorities or other partners.

A summary of activities for which funding was provided by the funding agency under the agreement the intended major results, budgets and total amount disbursed:

A statement that the audit will cover

A review of the Implementing Partner’s internal controls; ii)a review of the implementation of recommendations made in the Micro assessment and previous audits of the Implementing Partner

Verification of a sample of transactions

Recommendations to the Implementing Partner to improve its internal controls

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More Non Profit Organizations Services :

Assessing Procurement Capacity:

Organizational Structuring Services & Capacity

Providing organizational structuring services that include business processes designing - policies and procedures manuals and identifying job roles and responsibilities.

External Evaluations

We provide external evaluation services in accordance with the OECD-DAC criteria (Organization for Economics Cooperation and Development Assistance Committee). The purpose of the evaluations is to assess the program’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. To this end, we generally use three types of data collection methods for this purpose. which include: in-depth desk review, quantitative data collection and qualitative data collection. .