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Our Training Services:

Our Group further assist in conducting and determining possible recommendations on what client’s IMMEDIATE ACTIONS to be taken and future compliance and obligations in accordance with the relevant laws.

  • Effective Human Resources Management
  • Aligning Peoples, Processes & Technology
  • Recruiting, Training, Developing & Retaining Talents
  • Performance Appraisal & Key Performance Indicators .
  • Developing Graduates as Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs
  • Effective Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring for Success
  • Identifying Operational Training Needs Analysis
  • How to Carry Out Disciplinary Action, Domestic Inquiry and Handling Misconduct
  • Designing, appraising and Managing Employee Performance Excellence
  • The Many Roles of an Effective HR Assistant
  • Law of Termination of Employment
  • Exemption certificate for Employee Tax
  • Annual Financial Statement Preparation
  • Value Added Taxation
  • Income Tax
  • Public Awareness
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
  • Labor Relations and Employment Equity
  • Budget Preparation
  • Fraud Prevention Training


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Supervisory Skills:

Supervisory Development Skills

Time Management

How to be an Effective Supervisor


The Master Class of Executive Secretaries

Finance for Non Financials

HR Management

Excel Microsoft - Basic & Advanced

Monitoring & Reporting

Neuro-Linguistic Programming “NLP”