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Our Group have Specialists in each service area form an interdisciplinary to achieve the desired renovation, Business transformation throughout the entire company is achieved by providing excellent service in an integrated manner.

Management Strategy :

Business Transformation:

We integrate all the required elements, including processes, information technology, human resources, and organizations to solve business problems. We are committed to achieving a strategy for transformation.

Business plan creation

Company turnaround execution support

Profit structure reformation

Office operations reformation

New Business model implementation

Business structure reformation

Human Capital Management:

We provide comprehensive consulting that includes human resource and organizational transformation strategies, systems, operations, and information technology to establish business superiority.

Talent management

Human resource system transformation

Personal development

Organizational development

Human resource system construction support

Succession Plans

Policies and Procedures Manuals:

Adequate policies and procedure manuals form the backbone of any organization both operationally and strategically.

These policies and procedures must be continuously updated to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and its supporting amendments.

We can assist with the review and development of Financial & Accounting, administrative, Human Resources, Information Technology, Project Management, Procurement policies and procedure manuals that best suit the environment of the organization whilst ensuring compliance with legislation.

Our services further extend to the training and “knowledge sharing” of legislation and best practice methods by means of workshops and “one-on-one” interaction with officials of provincial government.